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Widely used in the Army, we use the One Day's Pay Scheme to collect our subscriptions.

Regular serving members of the AGC, personnel serving on Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) and Non Regular Permanent Staff (NRPS) may subscribe to the Association under the One Day's Pay Scheme. 

The annual rate of subscriptions for AGC soldiers (Private to Corporal) is 100% of one day's pay. The rate for Sergeant to Warrant Officer Class 1 is 120%. The additional 20% is the subscription to the Corps Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess.

For AGC Officers the rate is 150% of one day's pay the additional 50% of a day's pay for officers is the subscription to the AGC HQ Mess. Subscriptions are collected under the One Day's Pay Scheme by monthly instalments from pay accounts and the deduction is shown on pay statements as 'Service Day's Pay Giving'.

Members of the AGC Army Reserve may now subscribe to the AGC Association under the One Day’s Pay Scheme. To join the One Day's Pay Scheme please complete JPA Form E014 and send by post, in original to the address below. The rate of subscription is 50% of one day's pay per year and is collected in either April, May or June each year, provided there are sufficient funds available in the individual’s pay account. The subscription rate will be reviewed annually.

To join the One Day's Pay Scheme members should complete JPAE014 and send the original form by post to the address below. 

Please Note: If you transferred into the AGC and are paying subscriptions to your previous Association, you should check that the subscription has been cancelled so as you only pay the AGC. 

Please complete the One Day Pay Scheme Form on the link below.

One Day Pay Scheme
Adjutant General's Corps Association


Those who are retired or are discharged from the AGC (not in receipt of Army Pay) may subscribe to the AGC Association in order to receive an annual AGC Journal. 

Please download and complete the Retired Application Form and Direct Debit Mandate form above, including the Gift Aid declaration if you pay UK Income Tax and send both forms to the address below. 

The current cost is £5 a year (£15 overseas) payable by Direct Debit on 8th April each year.

Retired Membership Subscription

Please send your paperwork to:

The Assistant Regimental Secretary
AGC Association, Building 204
Worthy Down, Winchester
SO21 2RG.

The Adjutant General's Corps Association is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under the registered charity number:1185298 at Corps HQ, The Gloucester Building, Worthy Down, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2RG. This website is owned and managed by the AGC Association and complies with Defence Intellectual Property Rights.
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