King’s Birthday Honours List 2023

On behalf of all ranks of the Adjutant General’s Corps, the Corps Colonel would like to congratulate the following personnel on being recognised on the King’s Birthday Honours List:

Lt Col BL Forsythe MBE AGC(RMP) – Nominated as Deputy Chief of Staff, HQ LONDIST
Lt Col (now Col) SR Allen AGC(ETS) – Nominated as CO WDSB
WO1 D Fairclough AGC(SPS) – Nominated as Head of Location for Mons, EJSU
Capt M J Henley AGC(RMP) – Nominated as Sect Comd, SIB
Maj K W Scott AGC(RMP) – Nominated as Firm Base XO, 38 (Irish) Bde

WO1 Chris Campbell AGC(RMP) – RSM Spec Ops Regt
WO1 (now Capt) Damien Hames AGC(SPS) – Det Comd 3 RHA
Capt Wayne Heathcote AGC(SPS) – Corps SM
CGS Commendation

 LCpl V Beardmore AGC(RMP)  – GPD NCO 3 RMP
Cpl E F Touzel AGC(SPS) – recommended as SA Army Intl IC7E, now Mil Clk JSAU(L)
DCGS Commendation
Capt E F Simpkin AGC(ETS) – Recommended as SO2 Media Ops, Army Comms, now SO3 ROW, DE Sch, Def Ac
CFA Commendation

 LCpl S J Laithwaite AGC(RMP) – 3 RMP
Comd HC Commendation

 Sgt L V Carrick-Hilton, SSgt GJK Glasgow &  Sgt BL Tasane – APSG JPA Tiger Team (Team Award)
Sgt L J Wade AGC(SPS) – Recommended as UAO Sys Coord AATG JSMTC
COMARRC Commendation

 Cpl R A Plant AGC(SPS) – Mil Clk G3, HQ ARRC
VCDS Commendation

 WO1 Paul Anthony Philips AGC(SPS)  – SA to COS 1st Germany/Netherlands Corps, now SO3 TT XO, APC CM Poll
SSgt Stephanie Lorraine Thomas AGC(SPS) – SA National Liaison Representative, SACT, now FSA 1 Regt AAC.
Maj David Richard Pidgeon AGC(SPS) - SO2 Personnel Processes, DBS 

CJO Commendation
LCpl (now Cpl) M Holden AGC(SPS) – serving at RTR in Tidworth.

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